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Fall 2014 Gospel Meeting with Jimmy Stevens - Oct. 5-10

jimmy stevens

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. The Value of Reading the Bible (Audio) (Outline)
  2. Church Growth (Audio) (Outline)
  3. How Does New Testament Fellowship Work? (Audio) (Outline)
  4. Power of Positive Preaching (Audio) (Outline)
  5. What The Church Can and Cannot Do (Audio) (Outline)
  6. Sacred Value of Marriage (Audio) (Outline)
  7. Let My Eyes Help My Heart (Audio) (Outline)
  8. God’s Promise To Satan (Audio) (Outline)

Spring 2014 Gospel Meeting with Joe R Price - April 6-11

joe r price

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  2. Building Christian Character in a Sinful World - Colossians 3 (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  3. Sin Will Always (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  4. Judge Righteous Judgment (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  5. “The God I Know…” (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  6. Why Marriages Break (& How To Fix Them) (Outline/Audio-External Link)
  7. Liberalism: It’s No Big Deal (Outline/Audio-External)
  8. The Collapse of Israel Warns Us (Outline/Audio-External Link)

Fall 2013 Gospel Meeting with Steven Wallace - Oct. 6-11

steven j wallace

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. Fading Impressions of Truth (Audio) (Outline)
  2. Lasting Impressions of Truth (Audio) (Outline)
  3. Introduction: Man’s Concept of Grace (Audio) (Outline)
  4. Neo Calvinism: Continual Cleansing (Audio) (Outline)
  5. Neo Calvinism: Gospel/Doctrine Distinction (Audio) (Outline)
  6. True Grace of God & Where is it Found? (Audio) (Outline)
  7. What Does The Grace of God Offer Us? (Audio) (Outline)
  8. How Are We Saved By Grace? (Audio) (Outline)

Spring 2013 Gospel Meeting with Larry Dickens - April 14-19

larry dickens

Theme: A Study of Evidences: Internal & External

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. How We Got The Bible - Historical Accuracy of the Bible (Audio) (Outline)
  2. The Bible - The Accuracy & Reliability of Scripture by Archeology (Audio) (Outline)
  3. Evidences - Faith from Fulfilled Prophecy (Audio) (Outline)
  4. By Faith We Understand - Introduction to the Creation from Hebrews 11:3 (Audio) (Outline)
  5. Evidences - Faith from Miracles (Audio) (Outline)
  6. Evidences - The Empty Tomb & Lives of the Apostles (Audio) (Outline)
  7. Evidence from Faith in Today’s Religious World - Role of the Local Church (Audio) (Outline)
  8. Evidences of Faith in Today’s Secular World - The Role of the Christian (Audio) (Outline)

Fall 2012 Gospel Meeting with Brett W Hogland - Oct. 6-11

brett hogland

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. Moses and the Rock of Stumbling (Audio Only)
  2. Every Man Stood In His Place (Audio Only)
  3. Established Christians - Part 1 
  4. Established Christians - Part 2 
  5. Jesus: Captain of Our Salvation (Audio Only)
  6. Church Social Meals (Audio Only)
  7. Loving with Knowledge & Discernment (Audio Only)
  8. Salvation By Grace Through Faith (Audio Only)

Spring 2012 Gospel Meeting with Jerry Fite - April 22-27

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. Discipleship: Being As Our Teacher (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  2. The Encouraging Christian (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  3. “This Is My Defense…” (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  4. What Can A Dead Man Do? (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  5. Islam: A Religion of Peace? (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  6. Parents: Prepare Your Children (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  7. The Sanctity of Marriage (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  8. Saved By Grace Through Faith (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)

Fall 2011 Gospel Meeting with Dennis Scroggins - Oct. 2-7

dennis scroggins

(Meeting Announcement)

  1. God’s Discipline (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  2. Lord Give Me Strength (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  3. Faithful Daniel (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  4. Is Marriage For Life? (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  5. Autonomous Churches: Are The Christ Ruled? (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  6. Friendship Fellowship (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  7. Recognizing The Compromised Gospel (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)
  8. Do You Suffer For The Cause of Christ? (Audio) (Slides-PDF) (Powerpoint)

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