2015 Lesson Recordings/Outlines

2015 Lesson Recordings

Lessons taught Sundays at Crescent Park

December 2015

12/27/15PM Speaker - David Baldwin - Repentance & Fruitfulness (Audio) (Outline)

12/27/15AM Speaker - Efrain Hernandez -  

12/20/15PM Worship cancelled due to weather

12/20/15AM Speaker - Efrain Hernandez - 

12/13/15PM Simplify Your Life (Audio) (Charts with Notes)

12/13/15AM Set Your House In Order - 2 Kings 20:1 (Audio) (Handout Outline) 

12/06/15PM You Never Mentioned Him To Me (Audio) (Charts)

12/06/15AM Remove The Wicked Man From Among Yourselves (Audio) (HandoutOutline) (Outline w/ Full Text)

November 2015

11/29/15PM 5th Sunday Singing Theme: Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving (Outline)

11/29/15AM JAMES HAMILTON - Fan The Flames (Audio) (Outline)

11/22/15PM Singing To The Lord (Audio) (Outline) (Charts)

11/22/15AM Whatever You Do (Audio) (Outline) (Charts)

11/15/15PM Ten (10) Reasons Why Islam Is Not From God (Charts)

11/15/15AM How Much ‘Church’ Is Enough? (Audio) (Outline)

11/08/15PM PART 2 - Have Salt In Yourselves - Mark 9:50; Matthew 5:13 (Audio)

11/08/15AM PART 1 - Have Salt In Yourselves - Mark 9:50; Matthew 5:13 (Audio) (Charts) (Outline)

11/01/15PM Tomas Berdoza - A Study On Suicide (Audio) (Charts) (Outline)

11/01/15AM Blessed Are (The Beatitudes) Matthew 5:1-12 (Audio) (Charts) (Outline)

October 2015

10/25/15PM Calvinism (Audio)

10/25/15AM Reaping What We Sow (Audio) (Outline)

10/18/15PM A Father’s Instruction - Proverbs 4 (Audio) (Outline)

10/18/15AM Why Is It That You Were Looking For Me? (Audio) 

10/11/15PM Having Conviction (Audio)

10/11/15AM Basics on Bible Authority - Silence (Audio)

10/04/15PM Responsibilities In The Local Church (Audio)

10/04/15AM Four (4) Attitudes Toward Sin (Audio)

September 2015

09/27/15PM God Knows (Audio)

09/27/15AM How Well Do You Know God? (Audio)

09/20 thru 09/25/15 Gospel Meeting with Andy Sochor

09/13/15PM Cause & Effect (Proverbs 3) (Audio)

09/13/15AM Why You Should Come To The Gospel Meeting (Audio)

09/06/15PM Wisdom versus Foolishness (Proverbs 1 & 2) (Audio)

09/06/15AM Giving (Audio) (Charts)

August 2015

08/30/15PM SINGING AT 6PM Theme: The Greatest of All is Love (Outline)

08/30/15AM Does the Bible Teach Once Saved Always Saved? (Audio)

08/23/15PM Give Me Thy Heart (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

08/23/15AM Where Do You Stand? (AUDIO)

08/16/15PM Lessons from Jonah (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

08/16/15AM The New Testament Church (AUDIO)

08/09/15PM Here We Are But Straying Pilgrims (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

08/09/15AM Who Is A Good Prospect for the Gospel? (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

08/02/15PM Christianity Versus Pluralism (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

08/02/15AM Behavior In Worship (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

July 2015

07/26/15PM Peace With All Men (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

07/26/15AM Unequally Yoked (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

07/19/15PM Seek Ye First (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

07/19/15AM Now That I'm A Christian - Now What? (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

07/12/15PM Tomas Berdoza - Communicating God's Word (AUDIO)

07/12/15AM Efrain Hernandez - Faith (AUDIO)

07/05/15PM Are We Preaching Opinions? (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

07/05/15AM Let Freedom Ring (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

June 2015

06/28/15PM - The Christian & Bearing The Infirmities of the Weak (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

06/28/15AM - We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes (AUDIO) (OUTLINE/CHARTS)

06/21/15PM - The Solemn Charge of Preaching - 2 Timothy 4:1-5 PART 2 (AUDIO)

06/21/15AM - The Solemn Charge of Preaching - 2 Timothy 4:1-5 PART 1 (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

06/14/15PM - Why The Early Church Gave Liberally (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

06/14/15AM - God Will Provide (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

06/07/15PM - Psalm 37 - A Psalm of David (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

06/07/15AM - ACTS 1-4 - Peter’s Sermons (AUDIO)

May 2015

05/31/15PM - Psalm 23 (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

05/31/15AM - Romans 6 (AUDIO)

05/24/15PM - Supplying All Diligence (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/24/15AM - Down To The Essentials (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/17/15PM - “I Surrender” - Making Peace with Sin (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

05/17/15AM - For What Should We Be Ready? (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/10/15PM - Looking For Happiness In The Wrong Places (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/10/15AM - What Does The Bible Say About Home & Family? (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/03/15PM - Better Marriage (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

05/03/15AM - Do You Know Hadassah? (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

April 2015

04/26/15PM - Four (4) Reasons for Prayer (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

04/26/15AM - What The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

04/19/15PM - Lessons from the Seven Churches - Revelation 2 & 3 (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

04/19/15AM - Better Bible Students (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

04/12-15-04/17/2015 ***Gospel Meeting with Richard Thetford*** See Richard Thetford Page

04/05/15PM - Developing A Desire To Participate (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

04/05/15AM - The History of Easter (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

**The History of Easter & Related Events by James L. Denison (1964) (Download PDF) (Right Click approx 70MB)

March 2015

03/29/15PM - Loving God (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

03/29/15AM - Bible Authority - How To Establish (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

03/22/15PM - Bible Authority & The Work of the Church (AUDIO) (SLIDES)

03/22/15AM - The Lord Was With Joseph (AUDIO) (SLIDES) (OUTLINE)

03/15/15PM - More About Jesus (Audio) (Slides)

03/15/15AM - If Christ Appeared To You (Audio) (Slides)

03/08/15PM - Qualities of a Church at Peace (Audio) (Slides)

03/08/15AM - What Must I Know To Be Saved? (Audio) (Slides)

03/01/15PM - The Purpose Of Hymn Singing (Audio) (Slides)

03/01/15AM - Hell: What Does The Bible Say? (Audio) (Slides)

February 2015

02/22/15PM - “I Will Give You Rest” (Audio) (Slides)

02/22/15AM - Saved By Faith Only? (Audio) (Slides)

02/15/15PM - Trusting In God’s Love (Audio) (Slides)

02/15/15AM - Living Intentionally (Audio) (Slides)

02/08/15PM - Unlocking Untapped Potential (Audio) (Slides)

02/08/15AM - Right Uses of Our Speech (Audio) (Slides)

02/01/15PM - Mistakes of Naaman Part 2 (Audio)

02/01/15AM - Mistakes of Naaman Part 1 (Audio) (Slides)

January 2015

01/25/15PM - Who’s Counsel Do You Seek? (Audio) (Slides)

01/25/15AM - Learning Obedience Through Suffering (Audio) (Slides)

01/18/15PM - God’s Design & Desire For Marriage (Audio) (Slides)

01/18/15AM - Peace - Increasing Spirituality & Personal Happiness (Audio) (Slides)

01/11/15PM - You Asked For It (Audio) (Slides)

01/11/15AM - Lessons from Paul’s Letter To The Christians at Corinth (Audio) (Slides)

01/04/15PM - Overcoming Depression Through Faith in Christ (Audio) (Slides)

01/04/15AM - New Year Renewal (Audio) (Slides)

All recordings are of Kristofer Gardana at Crescent Park church of Christ unless otherwise noted.

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